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Over 1000 combinations of questions and techniques to get the feedback flowing.

Say goodbye to boring, dull retrospectives and say hello to greater engagement. 

A hilarious, fun new way to get feedback from your team.

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The Brand New Game That Will Change Your Retrospectives FOREVER

So, here is how it works

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The Retrospective Game is a card game for team retrospectives. 

The game provides the team with unexpected and funny scenarios to think about and a completely brand new structure and format for doing them.

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"23% of Teams Don't Want to Run Retros"

 "20% Find Retros Dull or Boring"

- The Annual Retrospective Report 2017 -

Justin James - Bigger

"The most fun I've had in a  retrospective in a long long time"

"Every retrospective should be this good"

Maria Fabuel - Domestic Data Streamers

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